Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Les Nudes Geometric

Geometric Nude Nails
 Hey guys, sorry we haven't updated our blog in a while, we have been on holiday to Ibiza (we'll write a post about that soooon ;) ) But today I was a bit bored and thought about experimenting with my nude nail varnishes and try and make them a bit more interesting to look at on the nails. SO, I used a Barry M white nail varnish, a KIKO nail varnish in 220 Satin Beige and a KIKO nail varnish in 322 Caffe Latte.
To start I just applied a different colour to each individual nail, sort of as a base colour. For example, on the thumb nail I used the white colour. Next, I just went a bit crazy and added the colours in mainly straight lines and boxes etc. If you want you could use even more colours ;)    And that's how I spent my afternoon :P  I hope you like this idea and try it out for yourselves. Send us some pictures of your own designs, we'd love to see them! :)

My favourite Nude Nail varnishes at the moment :)
I thought I would also show you guys my FAVOURITE nude colours at the moment. From left  to right (little finger to thumb): ELF in Mod Mauve; Collection 2000 in Milkshake; KIKO in 322 Caffe Latte; KIKO in 220 Satin Beige; Collection 2000 in Fruit Loop.
They are all really good prices as well. Unfortunately I don't think KIKO has any shops in England... but they do in Italy and Spain and I think you should be able to order online as well.

My favourite Nude Nail Varnishes at the moment - close up shot ;)
Love Amy X

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