Thursday, 29 December 2011

Individual False Eyelashes

After discovering this video on youtube from the wonderful MUA Lisa Eldridge, i decided to give individual lashes a try. These ones are by Ardell and are in both the short and medium length, i used the clear Duo eyelash glue and followed the same technique as Eldridge :)

The Video:
The finished look:

I love how it's super natural, and much less obvious than strip lashes :)

All in all, these are really quick and easy to apply, and i LOVE the overall effect, very natural with a pretty almost 'fluffy' finish :)

Love these, everyone should give them a go!

xo Lauren

Mini Sale Haul

A couple of things i have picked up in the sale:

KG Shoes £100  £49. But with a £20 gift card from Elle magazine they only cost me £29! :)

I love the androgynous style of these shoes

Fur collared coat from New Look £59.99  £24. Bargain! The coat is actually black but they don't have a picture of it on their website...

Img: Newlook
And finally:
These weren't in the sale but i have been toying with the idea of trying individual lashes, and after seeing a really helpful youtube video (thanks Lisa Eldridge!)on how to apply them, i thought i'd go for it :)
Ardell lashes in short and medium. The medium were £5.20, and the short were £3.49, i don't understand why the price difference was so big...