Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Just a quick DIY

Some DIY inspiration for our lovely readers, i have been making some cards and envelopes for friends for christmas. i used an envelope template which i altered slightly on illustrator and photoshop and then added the galaxy photos from here (some incredible photos on that site!), added font, printed it out, cut it, folded it and VOILA! there you have some unique envelopes, sure they aren't very festive but they're so sparkly i think i can get away with it ;)

Cheap Frills

Cheap frills is a cool little online jewellery shop i discovered a few months back, i purchased an oak leaf bracelet with gold chain and because i bought it in the month of October (so long ago i know...!) i got a free 'corpse bride' ring with it, i love the ring its so quirky and fun. 
More after the Jump!

NYX Blush in Taupe

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Winter Purchases

Here are some of my winter purchases so far :)

Green Scarf - Matalan - £8 (i think)

Maroon Peplum Top - Topshop

Aztec Pattern Scarf - Matalan

Black Doctors Bag - Matalan - £12

Amy X

Friday, 12 October 2012

Happy Hippy

The newest addition to my shower gel collection! My current favourite is the satsuma one from body shop (£2); it smells so fresh and really wakes you up in the morning! My dad actually bought me this one, its the Happy Hippy shower gel from Lush, i dont know how much it was but seeing as its Lush probably around the £5 mark?

The smell, the smell, the smell. oh my god. It is just SO good, i want to drink this stuff! It is a grapefruit shower gel, but whats nice is that although it is very strongly scented its not too sweet, but also not as bitter as the actual fruit, its the perfect balance.

It says that its the 'ultimate gel to wake you up in the morning or keep you awake all night' AND you can use it in your hair to make it smell incredible. 

Lauren x

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Necklace Alterations....

1) The ugly gem on the necklace
2) The tools
3) The removed gem and bent ring holding it on
4) The new, much nicer, necklace :) 


So I went into Primark today because i havent been since before summer, and picked up a few winter essentials! Enjoy x

Collar necklace - £5
There will be a quick DIY on how i removed the cheap looking gem

Fairisle Snood - £5 
Snood pattern close up

Navy slipper things - £3.50

Purple/Wine coloured version...

Eyeliner - £1
I'll let you know what its like once I've used it :)

Mens Jumper (thin material) - £12
Jumper Pattern

Mens Jumper - £15 - This one is much thicker
Pattern Closeup

Mickey Mouse onesie! - £12.50
I have a fairisle one from last year and its possibly the most comfortable thing i own!

Necklace with gem removed = MUCH NICER!
As you can see I'm already living in the onesie!
Hope you enjoyed that! Got a quick little pictorial DIY on how i took off the gem from the necklace, I'm also going to be dyeing a pair of my cheap monday second skin skinny jeans that are a strange blue colour into hopefully a nice dark green! I'll do a post on that later!

Lauren x

Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Part 2 of LATE haul.....

Im back! This time with the second part of my haul, this involves items from camden, and also my little ASOS splurge, i will try my best to link products if they are still available!

I also bought a gorgeous vintage jumper but its currently being washed to rid it of its old lady smell, so i'll do a separate post on that another day!

H&M - simple grey tee with black 3/4 sleeves, perfect for uni days

ASOS- Oversized sheepskin lapel collar

Camden - Heineken Vest - 2 for £10

TKMAXX - Mens jumper - £19.99

Edina Ronay - Vintage jumper that my mum gave to me

ASOS - Big fluffy jumper! - Bought one size up

Hearts & Bows @ ASOS - Cream cardigan - Bought size M/L


Bourjois Healthy Mix foundation in shade 52 Vanilla

Maybelline colossal volume in Smoky Kohl
Bourjois Beauty Full mascara *free gift when you purchase healthy mix foundation*

Rimmel Clear Complexion powder in Translucent

Rituals Lip Gloss in 7121 - Absolutely LOVE this lipgloss, my dad gave it to me a few years ago and i thought i'd lost it but we were reunited the other day after i wore an old coat and found it abandoned in the pocket!
Similar shade
Kate for Rimmel lipstick in the colour 107
Similar Shade

Hope you enjoyed that!

Have a lovely evening,

L x

VERY late haul!

Ok, so this post is so unbelievably late, what with uni starting and getting the new puppy over summer i have completely neglected this blog! So sorry about that :(

Today i have to haul posts to put up, though i'll do them separately because they are very picture heavy!

First up, this haul is mainly topshop, though there are a few other things too!
(click the links to take you to the product)

Seeing as i finalllllllllllly sorted out and re-arranged my study i now have a space to photograph the clothes! Although its just using the camera on my mac, so sorry for the quality...

Asda- Neon pink fairisle jumper - Size 16 (this jumper runs VERY small) £16 (i think)
-Not sold anymore-


Topshop Tall with zip detail on back- £18

Topshop Tall - £20
-Not available in tall anymore-

Topshop Tall
-Not available in tall anymore-
Hope you enjoyed that and also that my new system of wearing the items is a better way for you to see them!

Have a lovely evening,

L x

Autumn Clothes Haul

Autumn 2012 Clothing Haul

Wine Red Skull Jumper - Asos
Navy Top - Asos
Black Brogues with Gold Detail - Matalan (£12)
Grey Casual Jumper - Asos

Black Top - Matalan

Olive Green Top - Matalan
Black, Studded Slipper Shoes - Matalan (£10)

So yeah I would definitely recommend popping into Matalan this season - its seems as if they've had a big makeover and their clothing has definitely improved! Also Asos has some really nice stuff! I could've bought the whole website!

Amy X

Sunday, 30 September 2012

Camden Market

 Hey guys! Sorry for the absence! Anyway, on Friday me and Lauren went to Camden in London and we bought a few items, new and vintage, between us for some good prices :) I love Camden - I love the vintage clothing you can get there and loads of other little trinkets etc - plus its a brilliant place to people watch as you get a wide variety of people there :P I would definitely recommend going next time you're in London!

Here are the things that I bought:

Large Calvin Klein Denim Jacket (vintage) - £25
I've been on the lookout for an oversized denim jacket for agesssssss! So when i saw this I was like OMG! BUY. I wanted an oversized denim jacket more for the winter months so I can put loads of layers underneath it to keep warm etc.
Pink Floyd The Dark Side of the Moon Grey T-shirt - £12

Jack Daniel's Black Vest - £5
This vests are all over Camden Market, but if you look around you'll eventually find them for a cheaper price. For example at the front of the market these vests are £12 each, but where me and Lauren found this one (at the back of the market) it was 2 for £10. 
Medium Mens Vintage Jumper - £10
I love this jumper - its oversized and extremely warm and perfect for layering underneath my Calvin Klein denim jacket. I also thought it was so arty and very appropriate for me at my Art University :) 

Amy X