Sunday, 26 February 2012

New love!!

My friend bought me this amazing top for my birthday! I absolutely love it and can see it fitting in perfectly for summer :)
It's a pink vest top with raw edges, from river island.

Friday, 24 February 2012


Heyy guys, i realise i have been posting TONS tonight! Blogging seems much more interesting than uni work right now...

I've been looking for a really good highlighter recently and after watching Lisa Eldridge's top drugstore products, i wanted to sample the No7 Skin Illuminator, and with a £5 boots voucher and £5 No7 voucher it only cost me £1! I got the pink one, not the peach one, the pink one seemed to highlight my skin better, the peach one seemed to act more bronzy rather than glowy....

After reading a few reviews on the boots website i learnt to remove the brush in order to expose the squeezy nib, which apparently means you get a lot more product for your money, as the brush seems to suck up a lot of it..

Pull off the bristles and you get a much more precise tip! Also love the twisty locking lid so you don't squeeze some out accidentally in your makeup bag!

Lightly spread over my hand

Rubbed into my skin, very highlighting, but doesn't look glittery which is great.

Also how cute is this little ceramic bird my mum bought me!?

XO Lauren

Models Own BeetleJuice Collection

The infamous Models Own Beetlejuice collection! I received this for my birthday, I'd had my eye on it for a while and to be honest £20 for six nail varnishes (it comes with a topcoat) is really good value!

They are great quality and only need 2 coats for a great colour payoff, they do however wear away at the tips pretty quickly, though i have been wearing them without a base or top coat...

My favourite shades are Pinky Brown, Emerald Black, Purple Blue. However Golden Green is growing on me more and more!

You can find some amazing photos and descriptions of them being worn here!

XO Lauren


The first lipstick is actually one that i won from Special K! Its a red lipstick from MaxFactor and its in the shade Ruby Tuesday. Its a bright red, but its a more wearable shade than most, i believe it retails for around £7.99 i believe?

This is the packaging:
A nice golden tube, also i like how you can see the colour at the bottom :)
HOWEVER, it does feel rather cheap, but very light so good for travel.

please excuse the 'used-ness' of this photo :P

On my lips - I'm not entirely sure why my lips look so big in this photo!? They don't look so large IRL....

The next lipstick is by YSL, i thought i would treat myself to a little birthday present (you know 'To Me, From Me x')
Also, i had £10 worth of points on my Debenhams Beauty Card so this lipstick was £13.50 instead of £23.50 still pricey though! I do, however, absolutely LOVE this lipstick, but there is one downer, it tastes vile! I would expect for a £23 lipstick it to taste at least a little better!!! Come on YSL, work on it!

The shade is Blond Ingenu 24, I actually heard about this in an interview Grazia did with Lana Del Ray, I've always been a fan of her makeup and when she mentioned this i thought i would look into it. To be honest, if i hadn't had the £10 on my card I'm not sure i would have bought it, there are many other brands that match the quality for much less money!

This is the packaging, its absolutely lovely, nice and heavy, feels like good quality, and you can use the lid as a mirror if you're applying it on the go!

Wearing Blond Ingenu 
A swatch of both lipsticks for comparison, the YSL one is a much more sheer lipstick.

The packaging is really lovely 

Again sorry for the used lippy! haha

xo Lauren

New shop find!!!!!!!

Today me and mum stumbled across a cool shop called Tiger, it's a really nice shop, a bit of a mix between Muji and Ikea! Nothing in the shop is more than £30, most things are £2 or £3 :)
AND, there are many moustache themed things!

Some things i bought from them today :)

Moustache Fleece Blanket £5 
Adorable tapes 2 for £2

Giant Moustache tape! £3 or maybe £2

I also got a moustache tote bag, and cute little moustache tin, see a theme here....? ;)

xo Lauren

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

The Body Shop Haul!

I literally received this parcel less than ten minutes ago, but was so excited i have already photographed it and am posting about it :)

I LOVE THE BODY SHOP, I never used to, i used to think it was over priced and wasn't a 'cool' brand to buy from, but after trying their Extra Virgin compact foundation i have rediscovered them.

So for my birthday (which is tomorrow), my mum treated me to some things from body shop, she gave me a maximum price, and then i chose what i liked the look of :)

I recently bought the seaweed toner from them and fell in love with it, its balanced out the oil in my skin and made my skin look a lot brighter, so aswell as buying the LoveYourBody card (£5) which gets you a 20% discount for the year and a birthday goody (!) i also received the following:

It's tiny!! And after giving it a quick test run, its not very soft! Definitely need a light hand!

Again the hair butter was a lot smaller than i was expecting...

This was my free gift for buying the body shop card, which I'm glad about because i was going to buy it!
Again, just tried this quickly, its very cooling, and a little goes a looooong way! Also it dries lovely and matte, not shiny like my Clinique All about eyes :) (which i do love though)

I wish it smelt of elderflower though :(

How tiny is this!? And it was £10! Also gave this a quick try (on a bare face) and i didn't see a difference straight away but it did make my skin feel very matte and smooth :)

Once i've used the products for a while I'll do some reviews if you're interested?


Monday, 20 February 2012

Snow Day :D

Yay! After a long and strangely warm winter for England, we finally had a spot of cold weather and it snowed a lot!! I think we got 5 inches where we were :) So me and Lauren decided to go for a walk in the lovely snow and take lots of photos etc. I hope you enjoy them! I've also noted on what we wore as well. 

Lauren looked amazing! As always :)
Coat - Topshop
Bag - Primark
Dr. Marten Shoes
Levi Jeans ;)
Snood - Matalan

Lol I wasn't exactly wearing the nicest thing that day!!  :P Sorry to disappoint you guys! I promise I'll do better next time!! But I'll let you know what I was wearing anyway :P
Duffle Coat - Joules
Scarf - Joules
Mittens - Joules
Bag - New Look
High-waisted Jeans - Topshop
Walking Boots - Millets

Lauren's Dr. Martens

The Snow Angel I made :)

Amy & Lauren :)

Sunday, 19 February 2012

My work space

Ok, so weirdly enough I have been on a crazy cleaning spree, so i decided to completely sort out my study as my desk was no longer usable due to piles of stuff..... And to be honest, thats really not practical when you need somewhere to work. So i cleaned it all up, reorganised some parts of it, and i thought i would show you guys, maybe it will inspire you to do something arty or creative?
Although it hasn't inspired me, i've currently met the 'wall' and i can't seem to get anything done, don't you just hate it when that happens!!

Typewriter labels on my cupboards 

Teacups of sewing stuff and my radio

Desk area

Paper Cupboard


Footwear Lasts for Uni