Tuesday, 21 February 2012

The Body Shop Haul!

I literally received this parcel less than ten minutes ago, but was so excited i have already photographed it and am posting about it :)

I LOVE THE BODY SHOP, I never used to, i used to think it was over priced and wasn't a 'cool' brand to buy from, but after trying their Extra Virgin compact foundation i have rediscovered them.

So for my birthday (which is tomorrow), my mum treated me to some things from body shop, she gave me a maximum price, and then i chose what i liked the look of :)

I recently bought the seaweed toner from them and fell in love with it, its balanced out the oil in my skin and made my skin look a lot brighter, so aswell as buying the LoveYourBody card (£5) which gets you a 20% discount for the year and a birthday goody (!) i also received the following:

It's tiny!! And after giving it a quick test run, its not very soft! Definitely need a light hand!

Again the hair butter was a lot smaller than i was expecting...

This was my free gift for buying the body shop card, which I'm glad about because i was going to buy it!
Again, just tried this quickly, its very cooling, and a little goes a looooong way! Also it dries lovely and matte, not shiny like my Clinique All about eyes :) (which i do love though)

I wish it smelt of elderflower though :(

How tiny is this!? And it was £10! Also gave this a quick try (on a bare face) and i didn't see a difference straight away but it did make my skin feel very matte and smooth :)

Once i've used the products for a while I'll do some reviews if you're interested?


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