Friday, 24 February 2012


Heyy guys, i realise i have been posting TONS tonight! Blogging seems much more interesting than uni work right now...

I've been looking for a really good highlighter recently and after watching Lisa Eldridge's top drugstore products, i wanted to sample the No7 Skin Illuminator, and with a £5 boots voucher and £5 No7 voucher it only cost me £1! I got the pink one, not the peach one, the pink one seemed to highlight my skin better, the peach one seemed to act more bronzy rather than glowy....

After reading a few reviews on the boots website i learnt to remove the brush in order to expose the squeezy nib, which apparently means you get a lot more product for your money, as the brush seems to suck up a lot of it..

Pull off the bristles and you get a much more precise tip! Also love the twisty locking lid so you don't squeeze some out accidentally in your makeup bag!

Lightly spread over my hand

Rubbed into my skin, very highlighting, but doesn't look glittery which is great.

Also how cute is this little ceramic bird my mum bought me!?

XO Lauren

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