Tuesday, 27 September 2011

A Few Snapshots of Ibiza

Hey guys, so at the beginning of this month Amy and I gave ourselves a well deserved break and headed over to the sunny island of Ibiza :) Had the most chillaxed holiday of my life, went to Ibiza Rocks, a little bit of clubbing, snorkelling, and of course a little cheeky bit of sun worshipping ;)

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Mini Shoes!

Also, while in London i popped into Selfridges as they are celebrating their Shoe Gallerie's one year birthday (does not seem that long ago it opened!) To celebrate they had miniature versions of some of the shoes they sell, so i thought i take a photo to show the people who won't/can't make it into London to see them :)

Aren't they adorable!?
Everyone was cooing and awwing over them :P

Garnier BB Cream

Hey guys,

As well as buying some fur and knitted stuff from H&M on Monday, I also popped into Superdrug and picked up the Garnier BB Cream. This retails at £9.99 but for some reason i was only charged £7.99 at the till, but I didn't complain ;) (Just been on the website, they have it on offer atm for £7.99 so get down there!). I have heard so many rave reviews about this product so thought i would try it out myself.


Forever 21 on Oxford Street!

Hey Guys, 
So today i went and enrolled at uni and then stopped by Forever 21 and Urban Outfitters on Oxford Street where my mum treated me to some jewellery (being a student i can now use the 'I'm poor, I'm a student' excuse). So i ended up leaving with a lovely fluorescent yellow F21 bag filled with some lovely goodies :)

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

They have them in NUDE!

Oh god, i really love them - Ph:NastyGal 

Lust List

AAAH these shoes. they have literally been haunting my mind. so. insanely. in love.

Anyone want to buy me them?

xo Lauren

Thanks Nasty Gal. :)

Black and Gold

Hey everyone, 

Thought i would post another nail tutorial, this time with black and gold nail varnish to give a modern take on a french tip :)


Les Nudes Geometric

Geometric Nude Nails
 Hey guys, sorry we haven't updated our blog in a while, we have been on holiday to Ibiza (we'll write a post about that soooon ;) ) But today I was a bit bored and thought about experimenting with my nude nail varnishes and try and make them a bit more interesting to look at on the nails. SO, I used a Barry M white nail varnish, a KIKO nail varnish in 220 Satin Beige and a KIKO nail varnish in 322 Caffe Latte.
To start I just applied a different colour to each individual nail, sort of as a base colour. For example, on the thumb nail I used the white colour. Next, I just went a bit crazy and added the colours in mainly straight lines and boxes etc. If you want you could use even more colours ;)    And that's how I spent my afternoon :P  I hope you like this idea and try it out for yourselves. Send us some pictures of your own designs, we'd love to see them! :)

My favourite Nude Nail varnishes at the moment :)
I thought I would also show you guys my FAVOURITE nude colours at the moment. From left  to right (little finger to thumb): ELF in Mod Mauve; Collection 2000 in Milkshake; KIKO in 322 Caffe Latte; KIKO in 220 Satin Beige; Collection 2000 in Fruit Loop.
They are all really good prices as well. Unfortunately I don't think KIKO has any shops in England... but they do in Italy and Spain and I think you should be able to order online as well.

My favourite Nude Nail Varnishes at the moment - close up shot ;)
Love Amy X

H&M Haul - Knit and Fur

Hi guys,

I popped into town yesterday to get some disposable cameras developed (Hoping for some pretty cool vintage looking shots of Ibiza! We also got an underwater camera too!!) and hopped on over to H&M in search for the fur scarf/lapel/collar that I had seen in someones YouTube haul. 


Sunday, 4 September 2011

DIY Friendship bands/bracelets/ribbons

HEY HEY guys, so i was lying in bed and thought it would be cool to give my friend a bracelet so we had matching ones i.e. a FRIENDSHIP BRACELET. But lets be honest, i couldn't be arsed to sit there and magically plait some thread together to create some kind of amazing piece of 'bracelet art' (sorry Amy- who shall be receiving this 'lazy person's friendship bracelet', and Elise you will be receiving one when i next see you.) But lets be honest, the meaning behind the bracelet is more important than the type of bracelet :P So lets get started shall we?


Nail Tutorial - The Band.

Hi guys, hope you are all well :) today is a quick little nail tutorial for you guys, and this time i remembered photographs! So no more strange little illustrations :P haha.

Anyway read more if you want to see how to get this look :D