Sunday, 4 September 2011

DIY Friendship bands/bracelets/ribbons

HEY HEY guys, so i was lying in bed and thought it would be cool to give my friend a bracelet so we had matching ones i.e. a FRIENDSHIP BRACELET. But lets be honest, i couldn't be arsed to sit there and magically plait some thread together to create some kind of amazing piece of 'bracelet art' (sorry Amy- who shall be receiving this 'lazy person's friendship bracelet', and Elise you will be receiving one when i next see you.) But lets be honest, the meaning behind the bracelet is more important than the type of bracelet :P So lets get started shall we?


I have to say, i think this is possible the easiest DIY ever created, but i'll tell you guys anyway. Well i guess its more of a little tip than a DIY :P 

Ok, lets begin: 

Step One: Find a piece of clothing with those little satin ribbons inside to hang onto a hanger, found one? Well, make sure you like the colour, and then cut those bad boys out of that garment. i chose orange, because this represents warmth and happiness -- I'm only joking, i just found them on the side and thought 'they'll do'. What a thoughtful friend :P

Step Two: Paint the ends of the ribbon with clear nail varnish - this stops it fraying into nothing but a pile of fuzz. It wouldn't be very friendshippy now would it if your bracelet dissolved?

Freshly painted
Step Three: Find someones wrist (preferably your friend's) and tie it round their wrist. Now there are many ways of doing this, wrapping it round once and cutting off the excess, wrapping it twice, gathering many ribbons and creating some fancy schmancy bracelet. I chose to wrap it round twice :) Now make sure your wearing the matching one, otherwise its just a little weird... And make sure you have someone to tie it on for you (preferably the chosen friend) because trying to do it yourself proves quite a challenge, as i just learnt. 

Step four: You have now confessed your friendshiply love to one another, now go forth and be BestFriendsForever's!

Now that was horrendously cheesy, but i had to somehow beef (not sure why i keep saying names of foods...) out this otherwise extremely short DIY/tip.

Hope you enjoyed it!

These can be used as friendship bracelets, you and your friends could all wear them if you went on holiday together, you could give it your bf/gf, family, etc etc. 

xo Lauren

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