Thursday, 10 May 2012

Not so peaceful...

Oh New Look.....
They really should start checking their products...

The 'Peace' Leggings

They don't actually have peace symbols on them. Anyone else noticed that these Cameo Rose Peace Leggings actually have hundreds of MERCEDES logos all over them?
I noticed this in an email they sent out, but weeks later and they're still selling them, i wonder if anyones actually bought Mercedes print leggings?

Now remember New Look, THIS is a peace symbol...

Over 'n out.
Lauren xo


  1. I just bought a pair on eBay, but when I bought them, the photo in the ad was a pair of leggings with actual Peace signs, but what I got today was a pair with Mercedes signs...and this was from a seller in England..!
    NOT happy..!


    1. Ah no! How annoying, there's nothing more annoying then buying something and not getting the right one!!! What are you going to do, send the, back or just hope no one notices? :P xxxx

    2. I got a full refund + that I can keep them!
      I am giving them to my brothers fiancee,
      cause she is actually driving a Mercedes..!



    3. That's great! Aha the perfect pairing!

      :) xxx

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