Wednesday, 16 January 2013

MAC Freckletone

So this morning i was greeted by the postman with a lovely little parcel from Debenhams, Mac's Freckletone lipstick. It's so nice waking up to a lovely little parcel, if only that happened everyday eh? 

I bought this lipstick because I'm on the hunt for the perfect nude, to me the perfect nude is a colour that  ever so slightly lightens the colour of my lips (mine are quite pigmented so i do like to tone them down a bit on casual days) but still looks incredibly natural. I own Mac's Myth, now when i first bought this product i hated it, and i mean hated it. I bought it a few years back and only last year (late last year, so only really a few months ago) did i  realise my love for it. It is hugely pale, and i cannot just swipe it on and go (i look like a corpse), i have to lightly dab it on and then pat it with my fingers to blend it slightly. I only ever use a tiny amount of Myth because i dont like that ihavenolipsbecauseicoveredtheminfoundationandconcealer look... wow that was a mouthful. 

Freckletone is a warmer version of Myth, maybe two shades darker? When you look at the bullets side by side (for some reason i didnt photograph this comparison....) there is hardly any difference between the two aside from the two being different warmths, myth is significantly cooler, whereas Freckletone is much warmer and therefore works with a much wider variety of skin tones.

I tried to take a photo to get the colour as similar as possible, but my camera just didnt want to co-operate and made it look significantly darker. If you know what colour Myth is, then Freckletone is basically a warm version of that (to give you an idea of what the lipstick bullet looks like colour-wise)

It's more beige/yellow toned irl
The lipstick is in a lustre finish, so it has a lovely natural finish, a slight glossy finish and on your lips it feels like a lip balm. The application of the lipstick is very smooth, it doesnt drag at all, but glides on smoothly. Because it is a lustre it is slightly less pigmented than say a matte or amplified finish lipstick, but this does mean that you can build it up quite nicely. I really do like this lipstick, but because my lips are quite pigmented it doesnt really lighten them that much, instead it works with my lip colour to create a beautiful orange/peachy colour. 

And on the lips, im sorry the quality isn't very good, my camera ran out of battery so i had to use the crappy ipad camera, which is such bad quality... also the angle makes me look like a lollipop - my giant head.

This lipstick smells lovely as well, as with all mac lipsticks, however i had never really noticed it before, and then of course when i did notice that this one smelt and thought 'hmm this must be a new thing' i did indeed go around sniffing all my mac lipsticks. Turns out, no, it is not new.... Just me being hugely unaware. Of everything.

Anyway i hope that was useful for anybody who is thinking of getting this lipstick!


Lauren xoxo

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