Friday, 27 January 2012

My Leather Jacket!!! And other purchases ;)

Hey Guys! 
So I'm meant to be saving up all my money at the mo, but I went a bit crazy the other day and bought loads of stuff that I just HAD to get :P
I hope you enjoy my little haul :)
OMG MY LEATHER JACKET!!! (well actually its not real leather, but it doesn't matter :P) Yeah this is from Topshop and it was £55 - I've been searching for a black jacket like this for AGES but haven't really found any nice ones in my price range and when I found this I was like YAY! What I also love about this jacket is that it goes with pretty much anything I wear, from flowery dresses to leggings.

This is just a close up of the jacket and the detail etc.

Here I bought a black Knitwear jumper from Zara which was in the sale for £7.99 and I fell in love with it as soon as i saw it as I've been looking for a nice black jumper since the beginning of autumn.
And then I got these black leggings from Zara's "Zara Basic Collection" - these were a bit more pricey at £19.99 but I think they are definitely worth the extra cash coz they compliment my shape so well and are really comfy and the material feels very strong so they should last me a long time!

This is just a close up of the top of the leggings - another reason why I bought them is this unique bit at the top - it's just a little lighter than the black material on the rest of the leg and yeah just makes it a bit different.

These brogues are from New Look and were £34.99, but I had a £20 gift voucher so I only spent £14.99 on them :D They are real leather and I bought them to replace my baby pink brogues which are falling apart because I've worn them to death this winter and the winter before. These brogues have a bit more heel than my pink ones.

This is my new ADORABLE top from Joules :) I love the animal theme this season and I strangely liked this green colour which is odd because I never usually go for this kind of moss green colour. What I love about Joules is the attention to detail etc. You do pay the extra bit of money for this detail and quality of the clothing but I definitely think that it's worth the buy as it will last you for years! This jumper has angora, lambswool and cashmere and cotton in so it is soo soft to wear and extremely warm!

A close up of the hare :)

Aha this is my new onesy from Joules!! It wad reduced from £49.95 to £14.95 in the sale so I was like I have to get it!! I especially love the pink and orange pops of colour on the sleeve and bottom leg. It also came with a little matching bag to keep it in when it's not being worn - I'm actually using it as a hot water bottle cover as it is exactly the same shape.

Close-up of the fabric and pattern.

And that is my little january haul! I probs shouldn't have bought all this stuff but I just really wanted some new clothes for the new year :)
I hope you like them!!! Let me know what you think of them or if you have similar items etc!

Love Amy X


  1. I love this post & your hare jumper/top real cute :)

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