Friday, 25 January 2013

fonts, every little helps

In my opinion the font that you use with images makes a big difference. I've curently become obsessed with using fonts over images; whether I'm labelling swatches, or just adding a few words or a title over a photo. I am obsessed. 

So i thought i would share with you some fonts i have been liking and where you can get them

1) Anome Ibul (here)  2) Antrokas (here)  3)Brain flower (here)  4)Signerica Thin (here)

My go-to site for free fonts with thousands to choose from is It's a great website with hundreds of new fonts each day and has resulted in me having thousands of fonts in my font book on my mac!

I think I'm going to put together a font folder that i can flip through when I'm looking for a certain type of font. 

The perfect rainy day project!



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    1. Thanks Benlovesting! We've just been looking at your blog, and its absolutely lovely! I couldn't find a way of commenting on your blog, maybe I'm being blind?

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