Sunday, 30 September 2012

Camden Market

 Hey guys! Sorry for the absence! Anyway, on Friday me and Lauren went to Camden in London and we bought a few items, new and vintage, between us for some good prices :) I love Camden - I love the vintage clothing you can get there and loads of other little trinkets etc - plus its a brilliant place to people watch as you get a wide variety of people there :P I would definitely recommend going next time you're in London!

Here are the things that I bought:

Large Calvin Klein Denim Jacket (vintage) - £25
I've been on the lookout for an oversized denim jacket for agesssssss! So when i saw this I was like OMG! BUY. I wanted an oversized denim jacket more for the winter months so I can put loads of layers underneath it to keep warm etc.
Pink Floyd The Dark Side of the Moon Grey T-shirt - £12

Jack Daniel's Black Vest - £5
This vests are all over Camden Market, but if you look around you'll eventually find them for a cheaper price. For example at the front of the market these vests are £12 each, but where me and Lauren found this one (at the back of the market) it was 2 for £10. 
Medium Mens Vintage Jumper - £10
I love this jumper - its oversized and extremely warm and perfect for layering underneath my Calvin Klein denim jacket. I also thought it was so arty and very appropriate for me at my Art University :) 

Amy X