Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Mini Haul

Mini Haul - Topshop & New Look

Top Shop - £30
I love this top! I wore it to the Florence & The Machine Concert me and Lauren went to with 2 of our friends and I paired it with my Zara black leggings and my Leather Jacket from Topshop with my Brogues from New Look. I was feeling in a very edgy mood that night, hence why I was wearing a lot of black. But this top can be worn day or night, which is why I love it so much and why I paid such a ridiculous amount for it ;)

Dress - New Look £21
I realize this isn't the best/most flattering photo of this dress but  it looks A LOT better on. Its not quite a navy colour - its more of a dark blue. I also love the detail where the waist is as it's just something a little bit different and unique and really cute!! When I was buying this I was really feeling spring, as it's been sunny and warm here recently, and it put me in a really girly pretty mood, hence why I bought this cute dress :)

Cream Cardigan - New Look £25
And last but not least, I bought this long cream cardigan from New Look's knitwear collection. I just really wanted something to wear when it's quite warm and sunny, but just a tad chilly, and I don't want to wear my leather jacket ALL the time (even though I love it to bits :P )

Lol me posing ridiculously with the dress and cardigan on ;)

So I hope you enjoyed my mini haul! It's just a small one because I've been waiting to get paid etc so I haven't really being buying much. Thank youuuu!!

Amy X


  1. Loving your unique style! I'm new to fashion blogging check out my blog:0)

    Let's follow each other!

  2. the first top is fabulous!


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