Thursday, 15 March 2012

Superdrug haul!!!! WOOOOO

hey hey there chums,

So, as promised here is a look at what i purchased online from Superdrug, they were doing free shipping because its coming up to Mothers Day, so of course i got the mother a little something too ;) BUT i can't post that because she might see!

Ok, I'm just going to upload the photos and then add a caption because whenever i write out in order about the different products the photos always end up jumbled up and its just a pain to sort out.

Rimmel Stay Matte pressed powder in 001 Transparent, I've been wanting a transparent powder for a while now and seen many other bloggers using this so i thought i'd give it a go seeing as Superdrug has a 3for2 offer on Rimmel at the mo. I reallllllly like this powder, its nice a matte without being too matte, it keeps my skin glowing without making my face greasy. It also minimises the appearance of pores. I wouldn't say it lasts 5 hours like they say it does, purely in terms of pore minimising-ness, but it definitely keeps my face shine free :)

My coastal scents powder brush artily dusted with powder and sat prettily on top....haha clearly i'm bored!

MUA Heaven and Earth palette, only £3! i can't believe how cheap it is! It's as pigmented as the Naked palettes but these colours are much more purple toned than the urban decay ones.

A close up of the colours

A few random swatches of colours so you get the idea of how pigmented they are, this was a light touch i didn't have to try hard to get this colour payoff, this is a great light weight travel alternative to the naked palette (although the Naked palettes are still number 1 for me!)

Revlon Neutral Khakis 12hr Eyeshadow 

I LOVE THESE. Such gorgeous colours, and the khaki (with a light hand) makes a gorgeous natural crease colour (surprising eh?? And no I'm not a green alien) with a nice gold touch to it. 

Rimmel Sexy Curves mascara - AHMAHZINNNNGGGGGG DARLLLIIINNNGGG, i actually love this! For some reason i never used to go anywhere near rimmel for mascara, but I'm glad i have! They are amazing, neither of the mascaras are waterproof (which is odd for me because i usually always go for waterproof mascaras) but they don't smudge or transfer at all :)

The brush is pretty cool, its a rubber bristle brush (try saying that fast!)

I LOVE the way this works, two brushes in ONE mascara, its like magic! Really like this, as the name kind of gives away, the first brush (length) creates a lovely daytime look, with nice long lashes that are nicely 'fluffed' if that makes any sense? Maybe i'll post a photo next time i use it...
The Volume brush gives lovely thick lashes, great thickness if you don't like using false lashes :)

The Length brush

The Volume brush

And they sent me this free! It smells divine, rubs into the skin nicely but for some reason makes my hands feel sticky, but only my hands, no where else. Otherwise it's lovely :)

Hope you enjoyed that! 
xo Lauren

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