Thursday, 1 March 2012

Best Power Lunch EVER.

Hey guys,
so today is a bit of a random post, on a quick lunch break from working on my design portfolio, just wanted to give all of UK readers a heads up on the M&S salads.
The one i have today is the Nutty grain and vegetable salad with ginger and chilli dressing. Oh my goodness, this salad is THE best salad i have ever tasted!!!!
It's my go to when I'm out and about, and we always have a few in our fridge :P They do loads of other different ones including an edamame one and a giant couscous one.

This one is made with white quinoa, broccoli, peas, poppy seeds, a variety of mixed nuts, and lots of other amazing goodness!

Hope you guys have a fabulous thursday

Lauren XOXO

You can never make food look as good when you photograph it....

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