Wednesday, 10 October 2012


So I went into Primark today because i havent been since before summer, and picked up a few winter essentials! Enjoy x

Collar necklace - £5
There will be a quick DIY on how i removed the cheap looking gem

Fairisle Snood - £5 
Snood pattern close up

Navy slipper things - £3.50

Purple/Wine coloured version...

Eyeliner - £1
I'll let you know what its like once I've used it :)

Mens Jumper (thin material) - £12
Jumper Pattern

Mens Jumper - £15 - This one is much thicker
Pattern Closeup

Mickey Mouse onesie! - £12.50
I have a fairisle one from last year and its possibly the most comfortable thing i own!

Necklace with gem removed = MUCH NICER!
As you can see I'm already living in the onesie!
Hope you enjoyed that! Got a quick little pictorial DIY on how i took off the gem from the necklace, I'm also going to be dyeing a pair of my cheap monday second skin skinny jeans that are a strange blue colour into hopefully a nice dark green! I'll do a post on that later!

Lauren x

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