Monday, 14 January 2013

Some after christmas shopping.... part one.

Hiiiii, i hope you all had a brilliant christmas, i definitely had a lovely relaxing one! Today i am going to show you a few things that i have bought since christmas in and out of sales. So go and get a cup of tea and a biscuit. This might take a while...

The first thing i bought was the You Beauty advent calendar which was half price after christmas for £29.99, i absolutely loved it! Its full of luxury samples with some being full sized such as the Steam Cream, Yardley body spray, and Mavala nail varnish. Some really great items in it and its a really great way of exploring a whole cluster of luxury brands without breaking the bank! Which is always good. You can still buy it here. I originally said to myself that i would open one everyday throughout January, but that didn't happen... I ended up opening 3 or 4 every hour....What can i say, i have no self-control!

Next up was a mini Mango haul (isn't haul a horrible word?) and possibly the best purchases ever! I had been at the Milton Keynes shopping centre (which i've just learnt has opened a mahoosive Primark!) with mum trying to find her a new coat and bag in the sales, not really planning on falling in love with yet another jacket. i really do have a problem...

Unfortunately the Mango in John Lewis and House of Fraser both didn't have the jacket in the right size, they only had XL. So when i got home i had a quick look online and there it was! I bought it in a size L so that its like an oversized blazer/coat/jacket thing. Its so so warm as its wool and to me seemed like a steal at £29.99! Its the Espiga Jacket which is still available here, they only have a L left in the lighter colour. But to give you an example of sizing I'm a size 10, but usually buy up a size (12) when i buy coats or jackets so that i can layer underneath. 

So as you can see it is oversized, massively comfortable and warm. I also love the fact that you can wear it really casually but also pair it with something dressy and it changes to suit the mood! Brilliant buy in my opinion! It also looks great with a chunky scarf or fur collar.

Next up from Mango was two pairs of earrings, the tassel earrings for £4.99, and the engraved hoop ones for £2.99

The hoop earrings are great, i love the shape i think it makes them look a little bit more chic, and more wearable. The gold engraved detail is a lovely touch and catches the light really nicely. And a bargain for £2.99!

I love these tassel earrings, they are so lovely. The clasp is really nice and just gives it a more expensive look, they are really beautifully made, and would look lovely for a dinner with friends.

The next stop was Topshop, this wasn't in the sale but it was so perfect i didn't really care. When i envision my perfect t-shirt this is pretty much it, i just wish they did it in white as well, fingers crossed they make a white one for summer! It was £16.00 but i got 10% off with my student discount. Its a blue/grey burnout cotton tee, and just the perfect slouchiness. Its so soft and great for layering in winter, or chucking on over shorts for summer. Get it here. I bought mine in a size 12 for the perfect oversized fit.

ahhh, perfect.

And the last thing in this post - though going through everything that i've bought recently makes me realise how much stuff i've bought, and still need to blog about - think Illamasqua, Asos and Debenhams, oh and Daisy Street! That shopping ban is gonna start now...

These were actually a treat to me from my mum, and they are the Henry Holland Superga's, funnily enough when they first came out, i really didn't like them. They were just so tacky. However, when i saw these, they seemed like the perfect spring/summer shoes with a plain outfit. They were half price at £30.00, and i have to admit i love them! They are so fun and will look great with a tan.
Buy them here.

I'll be back soon for the rest of what I bought!

Have a great day guys, I'm off for a dog walk in the snow with Hugo!!

Lauren xoxo

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