Friday, 18 January 2013

MUA Lipsticks

Ok, i know i have part two of my late haul still to come, I'm just waiting on one more parcel and some light so that i can photograph everything, the snow is very pretty but it means our conservatory is covered in snow so the natural light doesnt get in. So that will have to wait a while. Meanwhile i have this delightful post on four MUA lipsticks i purchased from Superdrug that arrived this morning, another lovely little parcel to wake up to! 

So here goes, first, the deets. MUA lipsticks are by the brand Make Up Academy (i.e MUA), their lipsticks are £1 each, which is such a good price, and to be honest i would say that the formulas are comparable to MAC ones.

I bought four shades, 3,6,11 & 16, all pink shades because that is something that i am lacking in my lipstick collection, i usually always go for muted tones mainly taupe based ones such as Mink by Topshop and Faux by MAC, which, dont get me wrong i absolutely love, however a brighter lip is always nice. And being at £1 each i thought they would be worth a try. I am so glad i did try them out because they are so lovely, such amazing texture, smooth application and they smell lovely too, slightly vanilla scented. 

Lets get on to the photos!

A breakdown of the colours:

Shade 3
Shade three is a bright, hot pink, incredibly pigmented with a great staying power, this shade reminds me a lot of Ritual's 'Smart' however it is less blue toned and more red/pink. 

Shade 16
This shade is a bright neon apricot colour, alot brighter on than it looks in the tube. It looks fantastic in the centre of your lips paired with shade 11 on the outer sides blended in, creates a beautiful coral pink. 

Shade 6 (sorry i got the labels wrong this is actually Shade 11)
This one is a lovely deep berry pink, quite an understated pink and great for everyday wear, its similar to Mink by Topshop or Faux by MAC but pink based rather than taupe based.

Shade 11 (actually shade 6, sorry for the wrong labels, they're all pink!)
This is such a beautiful colour, if it was a MAC lipstick it would be a frost colour, however as you will see in the swatch below, it is very subtle and a much more modern finish than that 90's lipstick you're thinking of (Posh Spice anyone?)
Here are the swatches:

This photo actually captured the lipsticks really well, as this is pretty much exactly what they are like in real life, some of the other photos, the camera darkened them quite a bit. The only thing i would say is that Shade 16 is a lot brighter in person.

I love the fact that the shades are visible at the bottom, and that they unscrew with a small pot for when you're on the go! However unless you have the shortest nails in the world then putting your finger in them will result in most of it getting stuck under your nail!

A quick note on the packaging before i forget, i really like the packaging, it is plastic - but what else would you expect for a £1 lipstick? I have to say i have no criticisms for these lipsticks, and the price is just the icing on the cake. There are 16 shades in total, and for just £16 you can buy them all! Only £2 more than one MAC lipstick, i think that really goes to show just what great value they are, and the quality between these and MAC isn'd dissimilar.

The lipsticks worn:

Shades 16 and 11 are my personal favourites, which are yours?

Hope that was helpful to anyone on the hunt for a new lipstick,

Buy them online here, but if possible i would recommend you to buy them in store because the colours on the website aren't a good indicator of the actual shade you will get as i discovered with shade 11(it looked much lighter online)

Lauren xoxo

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