Saturday, 26 May 2012

Summer is here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I can't believe the last few days we've had, so hot and sunny!

So in spirit of the sunny days we've been having i thought flowery photos would be suitable!

H&M nail varnish in Hunt Me Down (left)  & Nerd (right)

Hunt me down £2.99- I love this colour, I'm definitely a muted colours person rather than a bright neon person

Nerd £2.99- really good nude colour, more on the pink side than yellow

Rib cage sleeveless tee from H&M - £9.99 ( i think?)

LOVE the back detail!!!! I didn't realise it had a sheer strip all the way down the back, but i really like it, makes it a bit more interesting

Cross bracelet (ant not included) this was a birthday gift a few months ago from my best friend, i believe she got it from Topshop

She also bought me this necklace (Topshop?) which i love, i like the mix of bright colours and spikes. I think because i always wear quite dark/muted colours, this necklace really stands out

Again a present for my birthday, i adore this necklace, it goes with everything, its studded and its a short necklace. I've really been a fan of short necklaces recently.
Hope you guys have a lovely sunny weekend!

Lauren xo

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