Tuesday, 20 September 2011

H&M Haul - Knit and Fur

Hi guys,

I popped into town yesterday to get some disposable cameras developed (Hoping for some pretty cool vintage looking shots of Ibiza! We also got an underwater camera too!!) and hopped on over to H&M in search for the fur scarf/lapel/collar that I had seen in someones YouTube haul. 


I finally found the scarf buried on one of the shelves (they really need to keep their stores tidier). I got the grey one, super pretty and goes with everything I own. Perfect, and only £12.99. So I was very happy. It works great as a scarf, and looks great layered over the knit I bought, it transforms it into a fur collared cardigan!

I also bought a dark grey cardigan which I really like. It's very simple, and the collar goes all the way down the front of the cardigan, it has no fastenings, super long sleeves, and looks really great with my scarf :) And again was really good value: £14.99 :)

I'll show you photos of them on soon, I'm going out on Thursday with some friends and plan on wearing those two (and of course some other forms of clothing ) so I'll try to remember to take an outfit photo :) 

Here are photos of the things I bought (photos from the website: shop.hm.com/). Well, I would show you photos, but their website has too many people on it and I can't get on! Oh No!

Ok, panic over, I'm on it now :)

Here is the scarf:
Ph: H&M <-- Click for product link
Here is the cardigan as worn by Freja Beha Ericsson (sp?) in the photo:

Ph: H&M
xo Lauren

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