Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Forever 21 on Oxford Street!

Hey Guys, 
So today i went and enrolled at uni and then stopped by Forever 21 and Urban Outfitters on Oxford Street where my mum treated me to some jewellery (being a student i can now use the 'I'm poor, I'm a student' excuse). So i ended up leaving with a lovely fluorescent yellow F21 bag filled with some lovely goodies :)

First up are these super cute earrings, i say cute, but they look like you could kill someone with them (wait till you see the necklace). These were around £3-4, took the tag off before i wrote down the price......
Their items are really weirdly priced (e.g. £3.15, £7.90 etc.), and a lot cheaper in America- so try and shop there rather than in London!

I also got this incredible necklace, makes a nice change to my collection as i usually only wear ridiculously long ones :) This was £7.60 i think :)

Necklaces (Top to Bottom) Bean necklace: Tiffany&Co, Spiked chain necklace: Forever 21

Then i got this really cool bracelet, notice a theme here? This was around £8 something

My arm party (top to bottom) Chain and black : Forever 21, Beaded: Gifted from Ibiza, Black and white:DIY, Orange:DIY, Spiked:Market stall in Ibiza
I also popped into Urban Outfitters and bought this Rose Eco Cup (pictured at top), for when i'm commuting into London most days :)

Hoped you enjoyed that little haul!

xo Lauren

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  1. i love your bracelets ! i must join the arm party too


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