Friday, 24 February 2012


The first lipstick is actually one that i won from Special K! Its a red lipstick from MaxFactor and its in the shade Ruby Tuesday. Its a bright red, but its a more wearable shade than most, i believe it retails for around £7.99 i believe?

This is the packaging:
A nice golden tube, also i like how you can see the colour at the bottom :)
HOWEVER, it does feel rather cheap, but very light so good for travel.

please excuse the 'used-ness' of this photo :P

On my lips - I'm not entirely sure why my lips look so big in this photo!? They don't look so large IRL....

The next lipstick is by YSL, i thought i would treat myself to a little birthday present (you know 'To Me, From Me x')
Also, i had £10 worth of points on my Debenhams Beauty Card so this lipstick was £13.50 instead of £23.50 still pricey though! I do, however, absolutely LOVE this lipstick, but there is one downer, it tastes vile! I would expect for a £23 lipstick it to taste at least a little better!!! Come on YSL, work on it!

The shade is Blond Ingenu 24, I actually heard about this in an interview Grazia did with Lana Del Ray, I've always been a fan of her makeup and when she mentioned this i thought i would look into it. To be honest, if i hadn't had the £10 on my card I'm not sure i would have bought it, there are many other brands that match the quality for much less money!

This is the packaging, its absolutely lovely, nice and heavy, feels like good quality, and you can use the lid as a mirror if you're applying it on the go!

Wearing Blond Ingenu 
A swatch of both lipsticks for comparison, the YSL one is a much more sheer lipstick.

The packaging is really lovely 

Again sorry for the used lippy! haha

xo Lauren

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