Saturday, 27 August 2011

My Saturday.

Hi guys, i was feeling a bit bored today, so i thought i would do a visual post of things that made me smile today, enjoy!
Picking fresh carrots from the garden :)

Looking at the pretty roses 

We're growing our own corn!

Even the corn has ombre hair :P

Sweets in cute dishes

My dog catching me taking a photo of him sleeping :P

A clean bathroom!!! It took me ages, but its finally done.

My now clean makeup brushes drying on the window sill :)

Clean bedroom!

The ring my mum bought me for A2 Level results :)

My new car!
Waiting for the rain...
And here's the rain :(

Hope you guys have had a sunnier day than i have! What's been your highlight of today?

xo Lauren

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