Saturday, 13 August 2011


Hi guys, so at the beginning of July I went to the USA with my parents from the 2nd to the 15th :) it was definitely one of the best holidays i've been on so far. We started off in New York for four nights over the July 4th weekend which was incredible. the atmosphere was amazing and our hotel was right in the centre of times square.

After NYC we travelled over to Santa Monica, California for another four nights, seriously the most amazing place i think i have ever visited. I really wish i had grown up there, the beach, lifestyle and amazing style made me fall in love with the area. Of course we did the most touristy thing possible and went on a stars home tour, strangely really fun! Beverly Hills is so amazing, we also went on a VIP tour of warner bros which was so cool! Being a huge fan of Pretty Little Liars, ER and Friends meant i got to see where it is all filmed, i even went into Central Perk!!!!! An unforgettable experience, if you're ever in LA it's definitely something that you have to do :).

Unfortunately after four nights our time in Santa Monica was over :'( but then we went to VEGAS! woo!! seriously the most crazy place ever, it all seemed so unreal, it was almost like a little huge pretend world. But so much fun, we stayed in the MGM Signature and the hotel was HUGE, like HUGE huge. Anyway, i just wanted to share with you some photos from the trip (sorry if this becomes a huge photo bomb, i took 1300+ photos on the trip!)

New York
View down onto the end of times square from our hotel room

those famous stairs :P

Central Park

Statue of Liberty

4th July fireworks from hotel window

Sunset from hotel in LA on first night :)

This house is in Pretty Little Liars, but i can't remember who's!? Jason's maybe?

Phoebe's dad's house in Friends

The park in 'England' where Ross plays rugby in Friends

'Central Park' where Phoebe and Rachel go running

Amazing houses in Beverly Hills!

LA Ink

Prince William and Catherine flying in

Muscle Beach <3 haha ;)

Vegas Baby!!

The airport was crazy, there were slot machines EVERYWHERE!

View from the balcony of one of the four pools

There was a lion enclosure in our hotel! But they didn't stay there 24/7

Jelly bean statue of Liberty in the New York New York hotel

Aquarium at the Mandalay bay

The Luxor

This bar was called 'The Chandelier' and was suspended in the middle of the casino

The Bellagio lobby

a weird little fantasy land room in the Bellagio

Caesars Palace

Caesars palace shopping mall

Fish tank at the Mirage lobby

9 day old dolphin at the Mirage

The venetian

I actually thought we had gone outside!

Flying over the grand canyon on the way home

xo Lauren

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