Friday, 26 August 2011

Summer Leopard Print Nails :D

Hey everyone, hope you're enjoying our lovely British Summertime..... To cheer myself up from all the drizzle outside i decided to create some cool leopard print nails using the new Konad set that i bought myself off Ebay a few days ago :) Unfortunately i forgot to take photos of me doing it step by step!! :( SO, i improvised and drew a step by step guide on my iPad :) so excuse the crappyness... Unfortunately i STILL don't have photoshop transferred from my old laptop to my new one so its not a very good guide :( But oh well!

Click read more to see how to do it!

haha it's really hard to write on an iPad! the bit in brackets says: I used Elf Matte Finisher.

The gem is optional, i applied it by using an old slightly gloopy top coat, applying a dab to where i wanted the gem to be, then placing the gem on top, and then reapplying the matte top coat. However, then this made the gem go matte, so you will then have to take your shiny top coat and just dab it onto the gem to keep that all sparkly and stuff :)

Hope you enjoyed this slightly random, yet ever so arty post! Let me know if you try this out and we would love to see your own versions! Email them to us at :)

xo Lauren

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