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April Favourites

Aprils Favourites
Scarves! Seeing as the weather here has been pretty dire recently, scarves seem to be a necessity for every day...
This particular one is from Ibiza, but you can get similars to this at markets all over the world.
I apologise for the state of these photos, as you can see i wasn't really in the mood to get my camera to work properly.
This is the Vichy purete thermal sensitive eye makeup remover, i bought this in Ibiza as i was in desperate need of one and had been wanting to try it anyway.

What can i say, i love this stuff, smells good, removes your eye makeup without a fuss, and its oil free - BONUS. It was €12, and you can get it in Boots for £10.

Left: Daily Moisture rehydrating rose Neals Yard moisturiser. I love Neals Yard, the products smell amazing, i love the fact that they're natural and don't test on animals. This is actually a sample i got free in last months Marie Claire and i really do like this moisturiser. I use this at night even though its the 'daily moisturiser' but i have a favourite day time one that i can't bear to replace! This moisturiser is lovely, its very soothing, smells lovely and relaxing and really feels nice on your skin, it sinks in really well too so you're not left with oily skin.

Right: Neals Yard Organic Eye Makeup Remover. I really really wanted to love this stuff...... But it just doesn't work. It does however smell lovely (very similar to the moisturiser) i paid £9 for this tiny bottle (with student discount) and i'm just not happy with it.... I'll use it as a backup if i find i've run out of the Vichy or Lancome one, but i won't be using this out of choice I'm afraid. This is the main reason i was in DESPERATE need of eye makeup remover, it doesn't even get rid of non waterproof mascara.... 

New bikini top from matalan, £4! I really like the look of this on, it has that vintage 50's style that looks very flattering and i adore the polka dots!

Now this little baby is my ALL TIME favourite moisturiser. I might even say its a holy grail product for me, this ones reasonably old but i bought a new one when i was last in Ibiza (you can also buy it on Amazon), while this one was like €3 the newer one is €8! But you know what, thats still pretty cheap, and the new  formua is heavenly, smooth, soft, smells great and disappears into your skin so you're not left with a residue, i use this every morning, then apply concealer and a transparent powder to set it :)

Lip wise i have been LOVING Mac's 'Faux'. God why hadn't i discovered this sooner! Hate to say it but its definitely a 'your lip colour but better' for me, its slightly pinker but a light swipe just evens out my lip colour, you can build it up for a heavier colour too.

Then theres the YSL, now this only looks good on me when i have a tan otherwise it kinda washes me out, its actually the same colour Lana Del Rey uses (21 or 24 Blonde Ingenu) I'm a bit of a sucker like that and when i heard thats what she used i headed on out to my nearest counter and picked on up.
Its a very pretty colour with a gold shimmer to it, i also like it because its completely different to my other ones! I usually always stick with darker/mauve/brown toned ones.

I love this brush, its the short handled destiny blending brush from coastal scents, it may be tiny but it sure does its job. I use this every day for blending out concealer and foundation (when i actually bother wearing it). Its not the softest brush on the planet but it does give a great finish to makeup. Plus its so compact its perfect for travelling.

Collection 2000 concealer in number 2, i use this shade when i've caught the sun, but usually I'm shade 1 (sob, so pale!).
This concealer is really good for the price, super cheap, and easy to apply, it can be a tad drying under the eyes so make sure you moisturise first! This also prevents it from accentuating every little line under your eye! If i don't moisturiser i won't put this anywhere near my eyes, as it can be a bit unflattering otherwise, however its great at minimising pores, and hiding blemishes. I will usually just use this on my skin rather than a foundation.

Another HOLY GRAIL product, this and vaseline are my all time favourite lip balms, this is the Korres lip butter in Guava, i adore this lip balm, the smell makes me want to eat it and it is so smooth its unreal. I will definitely be buying this product for the rest of beauty product loving life.

This is the Rimmel transparent face powder i use daily, and honestly its lasting me ages and i don't particularly use just a little bit! This is the post when i bought it so you can see what its called/price, i really do like this product, its very good at setting makeup and finishing your look. The only thing is it can make your face a bit tooooooo matte, so i usually use No7 highlighter in pink on the top of my cheekbones to give my face a dewy look without it being oily looking.

Now this stuff is a saviour if you find it hard to tan/dont want to, it gives a great natural tan that builds up as you use it, its a tinted moisturiser but for your body, so if you use if everyday you'll get a nice golden tan. The only bad thing about this is it can smell a little funky.....

This little hair clip has been my saviour when it comes to having 'beachy hair' for a night out, i part my hair so i have one section either side of the centre part, twist these up and then pin them up on my head with the claw clip, leave it for a few hours, let it down and you have relaxed beachy waves!

Hope you enjoyed this, just a few of my monthly favourites, what are yours!?


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