Saturday, 14 April 2012

Accessories Haul :)

Accessories Haul April 2012

Hey Guys! So I've been doing a lot of online shopping and I thought I would show you my purchases on all the accessories that I've bought, from jewellery to sunglasses.
I've been buying quite a few bits of jewellery because I sorted out my jewellery box about 2 weeks ago and got rid of about 75% of my jewellery :S  So yeah, I decided to restock :)


This one I bought in the ASOS sale online - it was only £4 and the post and packaging was free :) It's a long silver necklace and I the spikes are brilliant for adding a bit of edge to my outfits. 

This one I got from Fashionology sale - I think this was around £3? It's a turquoise beaded bracelet and I LOVE turquoise stones at the moment! I'm actually still on the lookout for a really nice turquoise silver ring, but I can't find any that I really like, so if you guys know anywhere I can get one, please let me know :)

This necklace I also got in the Fashionology sale - it's a Bear tooth cast and it's silver plated. It was originally something like £40 and I got it for £4!! Bargain! But yeah, I love how different the pendant is and how edgy it is.

This necklace I got in the Urban Outfitters sale - it was reduced from £16 to £8. I've worn this necklace the most because it's so versatile :)

Again, this purse is from the Urban Outfitters sale. It was £10 I think? It was originally £22. I love how vintage looking it is though with the tan floral design! It reminds me of my granny's purse that she has :P  This purse can also fit my mobile phone in it which is good.

These cat eye sunglasses I didn't actually get online, I picked them up in Dorothy Perkins; they were only £6 :) I'm waaaay too scared to invest in a designer pair of sunglasses because I always manage to loose every pair of sunglasses I ever own... or I manage to sit on them and break them.... :S
So I hope you liked my recent purchases :) I'll be uploading another blog post soon on all the clothes/shoes I bought over the course of March and April. :)

Amy X

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