Tuesday, 22 November 2011

My Christmas Wish List :)
Hey guys, sorry we haven't blogged in a while, but we've been so busy! Lauren's at uni and I'm working for my gap year. So. I thought I would give you all a look into my xmas wish list :)  There are so many items on which I am completely undecided still, for example the shoes and coats, and I'll probs have to decide really soon! Enjoy! X
Other Bits and Bobs that I'm going to ask for. I don't think I'll be getting all of them at all, that would be very demanding of me :P I REALLY want the navy Joules scarf though asap so I might just buy that with my own money - I've tried it on and it's SO nice and warm. It's also really thick and knitted. I also need a new bra, so I thought the cute flowery bra from Oysho would be perfect. Also, at the moment I'm really into mix and match edgy earrings so when I found the ones from Topshop I was like OMG! I'm also into edgy/unique looking jewellery so that's why the earrings and claw ring are on there too. I also NEED black high tops converse - they go with so many things and are a fashion essential I lack in :P As for makeup, I'm really into bronze colours, so I picked the three shown.

Right, I have to choose ONE coat out of these three! If I could, I would buy all three, but unfortunately I don't have enough money :(  I've tried all three on and all of them feel really comfortable. I love the mulled wine colour of the duffle coat and I could feel that it was very warm and comfortable, however, it is a lot of money, but I know that I will wear it all the time and get some good use out of it for years to come. My next option is the Hollister one. I love the fur on the hood and I love the interior pattern. It does come up very short compared to the other two coats but it's so much more casual and I could wear it in the spring as well when it's just a bit too warm for a big coat. My final option is the New Look parka. I didn't actually like the colour at first but when I tried it on it was very complementary for my skin tone. I like the fact that you can create a waist line with the waist belt and obviously it is by far the cheapest option... Hmmmm.... Ahh why can't I jusy buy all of them?

LOVE anything that is in Urban Outfitters - especially their jewellery! I basically want all of these pieces of jewellery, BUT they are quite pricey, even for my parents to buy me, so I might just wait for the January sales and take a trip up to Oxford street then.

I really need some flat heeled boots for the coming months. I only have some with a huge heel, which is a bit impractical for walking London for example. I really like both styles to be honest. It's going to take me a while to decide.... :P

So yeah, that's my xmas wish list for this year :) Of course, I'm not expecting all of it, but it would be nice to get a few bits etc :)


Amy X

(I take no credit for any of the photos used)

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